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Vietnamese “Sniper Frontier” Contingent secures first place

07:00 PM | 09/03/2021

(Bqp.vn) - The “Sniper Frontier” Contingent of the Vietnam People’s Army secured their first place after three stages of the “Sniper Frontier” competitions of the International Army Games 2021, as announced by the organizing committee of the games on September 3.

Vietnamese snipers hitting the targets in the “Team competition” stage.

On September 2, Thang Long team of the Vietnamese contingent competed in the “Team competition” stage, the third one of the competition.

In this stage, the Vietnamese contingent won the first place in the “Blocking” exercise. In the “Hunt” exercise, Vietnamese snipers fired all targets in 58 seconds 52, scoring 30 points, ranking the third. Meanwhile, they completed the fifth exercise “Cover me” of the “Team competition” stage in 81 seconds 87, winning the third place.

With these achievements, Thang Long team of the Vietnamese contingent ranked the second, after Russia’s and followed by Uzbekistan’s team.

After three stages, the Vietnamese contingent sustained the first place, followed by Uzbekistani and Russian peers.

On September 3, sniper contingents competed in the fourth stage named “Who is faster”. The contingent with highest total points after all four stages will be the champion of the competition.

Source: qdnd.vn

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