Strengtheing the Vietnam - Russia defense cooperation in the framework of comprehensive strategic partnership

19:26 | 04/26/2016

( - The Vietnam - Russia defense cooperation is the integral part of the cooperation between Vietnam and Rusia, considered symbol of the bilateral traditional friendly cooperation and the continuous traditional cooperation between Vietnam and the former Soviet Union. In the hardest times of the strungle for the national independence, Vietnam always received the wholehearted, strong support of the Soviet Union and the Soviet People. The victories of all Vietnam strungles for independence always come along with the support of the international community including the former Soviet Union. The former Soviet Union’s comprehensive support, especially at the important time, had contributed to the victory of the Vietnam Revolution.

After the political changes in the former Soviet Union in early 1990s, the multifaceted mutual - benefit cooperation between Vietnam and Russia including the defense cooperation continued to be respected and developed. The Vietnam - Russia cooperation has been built and developed on the background of long-time close relations between the two nations and proved by the time, which also become a great treasure and is an important factor to boost the bilateral cooperation into a higher level. The two governments have signed several cooperation agreements on strategic fields, including the military techniques, which remarks the important qualitative changes in the relations between Vietnam and Russia.

From 2008 to 2013, the two Defense Ministers have carried out several official visits to Vietnam and Russia, which remarks the important steps to confirm the defense cooperation between the two nations. Additionally, the Defense Deputy - Ministerial Dialogue Mechanism between Vietnam and Russia could be considered the vivid symbol of the Strategic Partnership; the common interests in security, peace, wars and conflicts. Supporting each other to maintain the peace and stability of each side contributes to maintain the peace, security and prosperity in the regions and in the world.

In addition, the both sides are trying to carry out the bilateral cooperation in the fields of training, visit exchange, services, military medicine, peacekeeping operation and military science… Russia also has a variety of scholarships for the Vietnamese students to join its military schools.

A long with deepening the bilateral defense cooperation, in the past years, Vietnam and Russia also widen their multilateral defense cooperation. The two countries cooperated successfully in all regional and international forums such as UN, ARF, ASEAN+ and EAS… . The cooperations between Vietnam and Russia creats a great deal of contribution to the peace, stability and prosperty of the regions and the world.

In order to help the defense cooperation between Vietnam and Russia to commensurate with the potential of the two countries and be suitable to the framework of the comprehensive strategic partnership in the future, the two countries should continue to strengthen and develop the bilateral defense cooperation into the higher level; implement more cooperation fields; continue the visit exchanges of the high-level commands and in all services; extend the flexible defense cooperation mechanism…


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