Vietnam - Hungary Joint Statement

18:39 | 10/26/2013

(VDP) - At the invitation of Hungarian President Ader Janos, State President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Trương Tấn Sang has made a State visit to Hungary on September 15-17, 2013.

Within the framework of the visit, President Trương Tấn Sang held talks with President Ader Janos; met with Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Chairman of the Parliament Lászlo Kover; visited a number of agricultural and pharmaceutical industrial establishments of Hungary and met with the representatives of the Vietnamese community in Hungary.

The talks between the two leaders happened in an atmosphere of friendliness and mutual understanding. The two leaders kept each other informed of the situation of each country and exchanged opinions on the bilateral relations, the regional and international issues of mutual concern. The two leaders took note of the fine development of the traditional friendly relations and multi-faceted cooperation between the two countries in the past 60 years and unanimously agreed to continue to expand and deepen further this relationship.


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Hungarian President Ader Janos affirmed that Vietnam is one of Hungary’s most important partners among the ASEAN countries, highly valued the ever increasing role of Vietnam in the region and the world thanks to its outstanding economic growth and the active and proactive foreign policy on the multilateral plane. Hungarian President also wished the Vietnam in its role as a coordinator of the ASEAN-EU dialogue would support and act ac the bridge so that Hungary could enhance its relations with the ASEAN and the member countries of this organization.

President Trương Tấn Sang highly valued Hungary’s initiative in its capacity as the rotating Chairmanship of the Visegrad group (V4) with a view to coordinating the V4’s policy with the ASEAN member countries, including Vietnam; boost the relations and create conditions to intensify the cooperation between the two groups in various fields.

President Trương Tấn Sang thanked Hungary for having ratified the Frame Agreement on the Vietnam-EU Comprehensive Cooperation and Partnership and hoped that Hungary will continue to support and boost to soon finish the negotiation on the Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

The two sides affirmed to commit to enhancing the exchange of experience, coordinate the policy and cooperate more closely at the regional and international forums on the regional and global issues relating to the traditional and non-traditional security. The two sides were of the same views that all the disputes among the states should be settled by peaceful means in conformity with international law and customs.

The two leaders expressed their satisfaction of the recorded achievements in the economic, trade and investment cooperation in recent time. The two sides were of unanimous view that it is necessary to continue to boost cooperation so as to exploit effectively all potentials and strong position of each country. The two leaders laid stress on the importance between the two countries with a view to boosting the economic, trade, scientific, technical, educational and training relations.

President Trương Tấn Sang thanked Hungary for listing Vietnam as a prioritized country to continue to receive ODA from the Hungarian Government. The two sides were of unanimous view that it is necessary to boost the deployment and effective implementation of all ODA projects between Vietnam and Hungary. Vietnam proposed Hungary to consider to expanding its provision of ODA to a number of projects in the areas Vietnam is in urgent requirement such as environment, community medicine and other important areas.

Within the framework of the visit, the two heads of State witnessed the signing ceremony of the “Agreement on Extradition of Criminals between the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Hungary” and the “Agreement on transferring the sentenced persons between the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Hungary”, creating the legal basis to boost close and effective cooperation between the two countries in this important field.

Hungary and Vietnam are well aware of the importance of water and environmental hygiene in the sustainable development and committed to setting up the Objective of Water-related Sustainable Development; committed to closely cooperating on the multi-lateral forums, especially the ASEM in order to boost actively the building of the common international policy on sustainable management of the water source. To this end, Hungary will organize the Budapest Water Summit in October 2013 and Vietnam will send its representative to attend it.

The two sides wished to boost cooperation in the agricultural area, especially in the management of water source, the supply of clean water and the treatment of waste water on the basis of “the Agreement on Cooperation in the Management of Water” signed between the two governments during the visit.

The talks between the two Presidents. Photo: Internet

The two sides unanimously agreed to enhance the bilateral cooperation in the energy field, especially the nuclear energy for the peaceful purposes. The two leaders welcomed the signing of “the Agreement on Cooperation in Training, Research, Legality and Techniques in the use of atomic energy for the peaceful purposes” during the visit.

The two leaders highly valued the Program on new scholarships of the Hungarian Government, in which 40 scholarships will be granted soon to Vietnamese students to follow their education in the Hungarian universities, mainly in medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, techniques and machine manufacturing.

The two leaders welcomed the fact that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam and the Ministry of Resources Development of Hungary signed the Plan on Cultural Cooperation in the new stage and the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on cooperation in the sports; at the same time the two ministries coordinated to organize the Vietnam Ceramics Exhibition in Hungary on this occasion. The two leaders highly appreciated the signing of the Agreement on Cooperation between the Ministry of Health of Vietnam and the Ministry of Human Resources of Hungary.

The two sides unanimously agreed that cooperation in the nuclear energy field, water management, health, education and agriculture will be the new key points in the bilateral economic relations in the time to come.

The two sides unanimously agreed that the Vietnamese community in Hungary as well as the Hungarian-speaking Vietnamese in Vietnam is the important element in tightening the friendly relations between Vietnam and Hungary, making an active contribution to the development of the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. The two sides affirmed that they will continue to pay attention to creating favorable conditions to the Vietnamese community living in Hungary as well as the Hungarian living in Vietnam so that they can act as the effective bridge connecting the two countries.

President Trương Tấn Sang expressed his sincere thanks to President Ader Janos and the Hungarian people for their warm welcome to the Vietnamese delegation and extended the respectful invitation to President Ader Janos to visit Vietnam in the appropriate time. President Ader Janos thanked and accepted the invitation with pleasure. The specific time will be arranged through the diplomatic channel.



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