The magnitude and historical lesson of the “Ha Noi- Dien Bien Phu in the air” victory of December 1972

17:56 | 12/04/2013

(VDP) - In its strategic air blitz named Linebacker-II, the US concentrated a large military force including 193 B-52 bombers (approximately 50% of the strategic air force) 2 companies of 48 most modern swing-wing F-111A fighters, 1.077 tactical aircraft (equal to 31% of the total number of strategic aircraft) and 66 assorted warships (equal to 60% of the total number of the 7th Fleet’s warships).

The “Ha Noi - Dien Bien Phu in the air” victory demonstrated precious historical lessons:

Firstly, It was the victory of the will and determination to fight and to win of the Vietnamese people. Launching the strategic blitzkrieg mainly by B-52 bombers into Ha Noi, and Hai Phong, President Nixon hoped that the destructive force of bombs and shells dropped by the B-52 stratofortresses would force Viet Nam to accept US conditions to let American Gis withdraw from South Viet Nam in “honor” and to “fail” in the “win situation”.

Secondly, it was the victory of creative wisdom of the Vietnamese people. Aware of enemy’s military adventures, from the early days of the attack, President Ho Chi Minh, the Party Political Bureau, the Military Party Committee and the High Command gave guidance to the Air Defence and Air Force Services, the Party Committee, authorities and people of Ha Noi and adjacent provinces to stand ready to fight against US air attacks in Ha Noi.

Thirdly the victory enriched the tradition of patriotism and culture of fighting against enemies for national defense of the Vietnamese nation. In the battle “Dien Bien Phu in the air”, the culture of national defense demonstrated clearly Viet Nam’s talent and wisdom as well as the tradition of unity and coherence in the construction of national air defense which took advantage also of river and mountain geography and generated its strength from patriotism, love for compatriots and community spirit.

Fourthly, this was a victory of epochal magnitude and profound historical significance. Under the clear-sighted leadership and strategic guidance of the Party organized and fostered by Ho Chi Minh, subtle and close guidance of the High Command, the Chief of staff and other strategic advisory services, our army and people won victory after 12 days and nights fighting with both wisdom and strength against the most powerful air force of the capitalist world.


Phuong Minh Hoa (Nhan Dan)

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