Vietnam’s Defense Minister visits LNDA

10:28 | 05/26/2016

( - On May 24th Vietnam’s Defense Minister, General Ngo Xuan Lich, visited Laos’ Kaysone Phomvihane National Defense Academy (LNDA), an education and training institution that has graduated thousands of outstanding military officers for the Lao People’s Revolutionary Army.

General Ngo Xuan Lich in a meeting with LNDA’s teachers and military students.

After being briefed on LNDA’s past achievements, General Lich said he hopes the institution continues reaping success and deserving to be the highest-ranking academy of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Army.

The Vietnamese official was happy to learn that a lot of the teaching and management staff of LNDA have lived and studied in Vietnam. They are small bridges to make big connections between Vietnam and Laos, fostering the special friendship and comprehensive cooperation between the two countries.

At the meeting with the staff of LNDA, General Lich confirmed the defense policy of Vietnam, which states that Vietnam does not join a military alliance, does not join a second  country to go against a third one, and does not allow other countries to install military bases in its territory.

LNDA’s teachers, cadres and students at the meeting.

Vietnam follows its defense policy consistently. This allows Vietnam to: construct a comprehensive whole people defense force mobilize the synergy of the whole nation, while making use of the support of the international community; protect national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity; and maintain a peaceful environment and political stability for national construction and development.

General Lich reaffirmed that Vietnam advocates the resolution of all disagreements and disputes by peaceful means, with respect for international law - and objects to any arms race, while reserving the right to legitimate self-defense of its national interests.

In the years to come, Vietnam will build an elite and flexible army with high combat power. More attention will also be paid to the development of the defense industry, and modern facilities and equipment will be built and produced.

General Lich spoke highly of past defense relations activities of Vietnam. These activities contributed to building trust and maintaining friendship between Vietnam, neighboring countries, and major powers.

At present, Vietnam has established defense ties with more than 80 countries. 42 countries send their defense attachés to Vietnam. Vietnam also sends its defense attachés to more than 30 countries in the world. More than 50 documents on military-defense cooperation with international organizations and countries were signed by Vietnam.

As for past Vietnam-Laos defense cooperation, the ministries of national defense and the armies of the two countries have actively, closely and effectively cooperated in carrying out defense cooperation plans and protocols.

The two countries have shared information and experience on the building of their national defense dispositions. They also helped each other to increase and embellish border landmarks, as well as to build a border of peace, friendship, and mutual prosperity.

Defense cooperation has become a major pillar to build and strengthen defense dispositions, maintain the sociopolitical stability of each country, heighten strategic trust and relations between the two Parties, States and armies, and improve the position of each country and army in the international arena.

In related news, General Ngo Xuan Lich and his entourage also visited Hospital 103 of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Army on May 24th. At the hospital, the Vietnamese minister and delegates witnessed a telemedicine session between Hospital 103 of Laos and Army Hospital 108 of Vietnam.


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