President sends New Year greetings to all Vietnamese

17:38 | 02/20/2015

( - At the beginning of the New Year of the Goat 2015, President Truong Tan Sang delivered his best wishes to all Vietnamese citizens throughout the country and abroad.


Dear fellow citizens and soldiers,

On the occasion of the New Year of the Goat, 2015, I would like to send the warmest greetings and best wishes for the New Year to all fellow citizens and soldiers, and Vietnamese living abroad.

Vietnamese citizens and soldiers have unanimously overcome difficulties and challenges to maintain peace, political and social stability, developed the economy and culture, and promoted external relations and international integration. Those are remarkable and encouraging achievements, which make this spring even more encouraging.

In 2015, we need to continue to bring into play such momentum, prevail over all limitations of the past year, and take advantage of all opportunities and advantages, to overcome all difficulties and challenges; to strive to achieve all socio-economic development targets of the 5 year plan (2011-2015) at the highest level, to resolutely maintain peace and stability for the country’s development, to promote Party and State building, and the development of a strong and clean political system; to strongly fight against corruption, wastefulness, red tape and moral and ethical degradation of a part of the contingent of officials, party cadre and civil servants, so as to contribute to the success of the Party Congress at different levels towards the 12th National Party Congress.

To bring into full play our patriotism and national pride, we need to strongly abide by the 2013 Constitutions, practice widespread democracy, promote law and order, transparency, and comprehensively and simultaneously speed up the reform process, to develop the citizen’s skills, intellectual, and accountability for our country’s strong and sustainable development, towards becoming an industrialized nation; towards a rich, free and happy life for our people, and for the advancement of our nation.

I would like to wish a New Year of unity, reforms, and many happy returns to our beloved Vietnam, to each and all fellow citizens and soldiers as well as Vietnamese people living abroad.


Truong Tan Sang

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