Party chief gives instructions at Central Committee’s plenum

15:18 | 10/10/2016

( - Party Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong has emphasised that issues on the agenda of the fourth plenary meeting of the 12th Party Central Committee are important to the successful implementation of the 12th Party Congress’ resolution.

Party Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong speaks at the opening. (Credit: NDO)

In his opening speech at the meeting, which opened in Hanoi on October 9, the Party leader asked the Party Central Committee to examine the Politburo’s reports and the realities of local socioeconomic performance in order to make an objective and comprehensive assessment of socioeconomic development in the January-September period and forecasts for the remaining months of this year.

On the basis of set targets and tasks, the committee should predict possibilities for the future and lay out general goals and key targets for 2017, he said, adding that more focus should be given to the control of public and bad debts; the restructuring of the State budget, public investment, State-owned enterprises and commercial banks, as well as the improvement of the business and investment environment.

The Party’s General Secretary noted that as 2016 was the first year of the implementation of the Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress, the entire political system has built on past achievements and promptly dealt with problems such as the impact of the slow and unpredictable recovery of the global economy, falling crude oil prices, prolonged drought in the South-Central Region and the Central Highlands and the serious environmental incident in the Central Region.

On the reform of the growth model and improvement of growth quality, labour productivity and economic competitiveness, the Party leader stressed that this was an issue of strategic importance that decides the success of the cause of Renovations.

According to him, a report and a plan submitted to this plenum have presented an overview of the reform of the growth model in combination with economic restructuring in the country over the years, which comprises seven outcomes, six shortcomings, three major causes and five lessons. The documents also outline the viewpoints and orientations for major policies on this issue in the time ahead.

General Secretary Trong requested the Party Central Committee thoroughly examine and discuss the report and scheme, paying attention to new proposals regarding newly emerging and complicated problems.

The Party Secretary General stressed that the plenum should define clearly which growth model the country should strive to build and how it is different from the current model. A roadmap for the next five to ten years should be drafted, along with a vision to 2030, he said, particularly pointing to policies and measures to promote science and technology, improve workforce quality and effectively mobilize social resources, especially from the private economic sector, to promote the concentration of land and to solve bad debt and weak commercial banks.

As for another important item on the plenum’s agenda-Vietnam’s international economic integration, Trong acknowledged new steps forward, such as the signing of many new-generation free trade agreements, adding that the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community, the enforcement of FTAs with the Republic of Korea and the Eurasia Economic Union and the signing and upcoming ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the FTA with the EU will bring many opportunities and advantages along with new challenges in terms of not only economics but also national defence, security, external relations, culture and social affairs.

He asked the Party Central Committee to make a comprehensive and objective assessment of the situation and pinpoint opportunities and challenges facing the process as well as the construction and defence of the nation for the next five to ten years.

During the process, the committee should keep to the 12th Party Congress Resolution on global integration, the implementation of relevant resolutions and directives by the Party Central Committee and the Politburo, and the national defence strategy in the new situation, towards the goal of issuing a Resolution on global economic integration that suits the national, regional and global realities.

The resolution must clarify the guiding viewpoint for integration in the time ahead, along with specific policies and measures to address the challenges and negative impacts of the new international commitments, particularly the effects of opening the market on agriculture, farmers and small and medium-sized enterprises, or how commitments to labour-trade unions, the liberalisation of the services market in the financial and monetary sector, telecommunications, the Internet and social media would affect national defence and security and sociopolitical stability along the way.

On Party-building, the Party leader emphasised that the Party’s leadership was the leading factor deciding every success of the Vietnamese revolution, hence the task of building and strengthening the Party was vital to the Party and the régime.

To put the 12th Party Congress Resolution into action, the Party Central Committee had decided that the 4thplenum must issue a Resolution on building and strengthening the Party and stopping and curbing degradation in terms of political ideology, morality and lifestyle, along with the signs of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” within the Party, he said, adding that this was both an essential and urgent matter and one of the six major tasks for the period.

According to the Party General Secretary, the “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” phenomena are becoming complicated and can lead to unpredictable consequences. He asked the meeting to analyse their causes and put forward effective solutions.

The plenum will last through October 15.


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